"Azerbaijan Fintech Association" (Azfina)

It was founded in December 2020 by six leading companies operating in the field of financial services. The main goals of the association are to support the creation of a digital financial ecosystem in the country and the creation of conditions for the transition to a digital economy, to help the development of fintech companies and to represent and defend their interests in state and non-state institutions, to contribute to more effective cooperation between fintech companies and other market participants.

Our goals

  • Increasing financial literacy and financial inclusion

  • Development of digital financial services

  • Application of new technologies

  • Building a strong fintech ecosystem

  • Increasing the competitiveness of fintech companies in the financial market

Our duties

  • Support for the development of Fintex companies

  • Conducting research and analyzing trends

  • Research and application of international experience

  • Preparation of proposals related to financial legislation

  • Development of professional standards in the field of Fintex

  • Holding of conferences, forums and educational events

  • Popularization of financial technologies

AzFina Team

Employees of member organizations are represented in the team of our association

Punhan Narimanov

Board member

Azer Akbarov

General Director

Ruslan Talibov

Chairman of the Board


Charter of Azerbaijan Fintech Association

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