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Currently, fintechs providing payment terminals, payment aggregators, mobile payment solutions, issuance of electronic money from payment services, QR-code payments, information service providers and other services are represented in the Association with 18 members. Among the members are eManat, PashaPay, GoldenPay, Mpay, Azercell, Pashabank, Azintelecom, Portmanat leading payment and electronic money organizations of the country.

Azerbaijan Fintech Association

Benefits and services

Free participation in conferences and forums organized by Azfina

Free participation in meet-up/bootcamp events organized for the start-up ecosystem

Participation in Corporate Social Responsibility projects

Visits to different regions

Expert groups

Representation in expert groups

- Innovative digital solutions

- Legal issues

- Risk management


Breakfasts for company executives

Breakfast for expert groups

Organization of teambuilding activities for expert group members


Placing logo and link on Azfina website

Sharing important information about members in the news section of the Azfina website

Sharing informative posts on social media accounts about the innovations made by members in the market

Sponsorship opportunities at conferences, setting up stands, roll-ups, product presentation, video clips on monitors, etc.


Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports on the Fintech sector

Board of Directors

The right to representation on the Board of Directors

The right to vote in the elections of members of the Board of Directors


Conducting seminars with the participation of local and international experts


Open banking

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